Inspiring Luxembourg – Collector’s Edition

The bird from the animated short “Luxembourg Let’s make it happen – by Oscar-winning director Laurent Witz-” symbolizes how an idea takes flight and conquers the world through collaboration, creativity and perseverance. Openness, dynamism and reliability: Luxembourg’s core values are the driving forces behind new ideas and partnerships, making the Grand Duchy the ideal location to bring your ideas to life.

This project has been realized in collaboration with the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

Due to the local manufacturing of every single piece, we could add the „Made in Luxembourg“ label to the packaging. The bird sculpture was printed in nylon
(MJF PA12) and post processed with a carbon finish.

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Media Award 2018 Trophy 


In order to match the previous trophies of the Media Awards we didn’t change the overall shape, but its’ uniqueness came from the fact that the creation was only possible using Additive Manufacturing.

After several prototypes the decision was taken to implement a lattice structure, which is usually placed into industrial parts for reducing weight and material cost.

The trophy was printed in Nylon PA12 with the latest HP MJF 3D Printer, afterwards the parts were black dyed. The acrylic glass inlet was printed from the backside and fitted seamlessly in the front of the trophy. Milled anodized aluminum plates in gold, silver, bronze and red were mounted to represent the ranking.

The challenge of implementing additive manufacturing and different materials in one object resulted in a unique trophy for the winners of the Media Awards 2018.


3D floor plan in graphite grey

2018-10-02 15.39.15

A simplified 3D printed floor plan helps to understand the size and layout of the building.

Based on the drawings the model was built to a scale of 1:100 and then printed in Nylon (MJF PA12).

Due to the grey graphite finish the model has a metal look and is a great alternative to the simple white models.

2018-10-02 15.39.342018-10-02 15.39.23

Dimensions of the model: 12x15x3 cm

Tourism Innovation Award Trophy


Photos of the Tourism Innovation Award Ceremony, which took place on September 27th

We designed and manufactured a unique trophy in cooperation with the Ministry of the Economy.

The initial idea was to bring the little bird out of the nation branding video to the real world. (

The 3D model of the bird has been adapted and modified to be 3D printable. The bird sculpture was printed in high detail resin and electroplated in order to have a real metal finish.

The trophy base does represent one rhombus of the X, as seen in the Luxembourg Signature. The base was printed out of black Nylon (MJF PA12). Furthermore we integrated laser engraved anodized aluminum plates to highlight the winners of the Tourism Innovation Awards.


Article from RTL:

Maison du Livre at Beval


On September 24th the new University Library at Beval was inaugurated.


The detailed model of the library was 3D printed in Nylon (MJF PA12) to a scale of 1:300. The grey color of the material allowed to leave some parts unpainted with an unique finish.


We were honored to see Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa were pleased about the model.