High detail metal figures

Impressive results with cutting edge Binder Jetting Technology on 3D printed metal figures.

First scanned in an Artec Shapify Booth to receive the 3D file, then printed in stainless steel 316L.

The printed metal figure, 4 cm high, was sandblasted to get a smooth surface finish (Ra 3 µm).

Get your own 3D scanned figure, chess piece, small sculpture, jewelry,  action figure …

Send us your files, pictures or ideas to get a quote.

Best results with a max. height of 5 cm. 

Find a scanner nearby for your own 3D scanned figure: https://www.shapify.me/scanning-point

We also offer full color figures.

Material introduction: Nylon PA12 MJF

Nylon PA12 (MJF) with its excellent mechanical properties and detailed surface resolution, is exceptionally versatile and the ideal material for a wide range of applications.

The material has a high impact resistance, due to different geometries it can either be flexible or rigid. The printing technology gives you extensive freedom of design.

By using HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology, your parts have a higher density, lower porosity and are watertight compared to parts produced with Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). Furthermore the part have homogeneous (isotropic) mechanical properties.

Typical use and our use cases

Complex models, prototypes, architectural models, industrial parts, spare parts, housings


The 3D print process begins by laying down a thin layer (0,08 mm) of nylon powder on a build platform. Next a print head passes the surface while jetting a fusing agent, where the powder should fuse. Also a detailing agent is applied at the boundaries of the parts to produce sharp and smooth edges. In order to fuse the selected areas, fusing lamps pass the surface. The build platform moves down and the next thin layer is being applied.

[Technical white paper | HP Multi Jet Fusion technology: Schematic of HP Multi Jet Fusion printing process, cross-sectional views]

Available finish

  • Graphite dark grey
  • Dyed black

Material properties

  • Flexible or rigid
  • Heatproof up to 175°C
  • Skin-friendly
  • Watertight
  • Good chemical resistance
  • U.V. stabilized and stable to weather

Short overview of our available materials

Small projects 2018

Customized 3D printed parts can be adapted to have a unique design or can be reengineered to meet your requirements.

Une pièce de rechange d’origine n’était plus disponible, mais avec la pièce reconstruite imprimée en 3D, l’auvent pouvait être réparée.

3D gedréckte Stécker kënnen no de Virstellunge vum Client oder de mechanesche Viraussetzungen adaptéiert ginn.

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Media Award 2018 Trophy 


In order to match the previous trophies of the Media Awards we didn’t change the overall shape, but its’ uniqueness came from the fact that the creation was only possible using Additive Manufacturing.

After several prototypes the decision was taken to implement a lattice structure, which is usually placed into industrial parts for reducing weight and material cost.

The trophy was printed in Nylon PA12 with the latest HP MJF 3D Printer, afterwards the parts were black dyed. The acrylic glass inlet was printed from the backside and fitted seamlessly in the front of the trophy. Milled anodized aluminum plates in gold, silver, bronze and red were mounted to represent the ranking.

The challenge of implementing additive manufacturing and different materials in one object resulted in a unique trophy for the winners of the Media Awards 2018.


Tourism Innovation Award Trophy


Photos of the Tourism Innovation Award Ceremony, which took place on September 27th

We designed and manufactured a unique trophy in cooperation with the Ministry of the Economy.

The initial idea was to bring the little bird out of the nation branding video to the real world. (http://www.inspiringluxembourg.public.lu/en/outils/videos/il-video-witz-en-long/index.html)

The 3D model of the bird has been adapted and modified to be 3D printable. The bird sculpture was printed in high detail resin and electroplated in order to have a real metal finish.

The trophy base does represent one rhombus of the X, as seen in the Luxembourg Signature. The base was printed out of black Nylon (MJF PA12). Furthermore we integrated laser engraved anodized aluminum plates to highlight the winners of the Tourism Innovation Awards.


Article from RTL: http://www.rtl.lu/letzebuerg/1244851.html#p12

Make it bigger

Some time ago we produced a batch of 1/100 reproductions of the satellite dishes engineered and produced by HITEC Luxembourg.

Now we took the same project to a new scale and produced 3 reproductions in scale 1/33,3 of each their LM06 and their LM09 antennas.

Whereas the smaller 1/100 models are well suited as a gift, the new bigger models are to be shown at expos and in meetings.


HITEC Luxembourg offers high technology, value-added solutions covering multiple business areas: satellite ground segment technology; customer-specific and standard equipment for testing and measuring of physical properties; engineering; consulting; software & ICT development and project management.

HITEC Luxembourg serves private and public sector customers at a national and international level in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Le Lieu du Souvenir des Victimes de la Route

Nous venons de réaliser des modèles des monuments sur le lieu du souvenir de l’Association des victimes de la route (AVR). Ces modèles soutiendront la collecte des fonds pour compléter le lieu du souvenir.

Le Lieu du Souvenir des Victimes de la Route à Weimerich/Junglinster


Ce lieu du souvenir en pleine nature est conçu pour toutes les victimes de la route et leurs familles, pour ceux et celles qui ont perdu leur vie ainsi que pour toutes les victimes blessées. L’Association nationale des Victimes de la Route AVR espère que ce Lieu du Souvenir aide également à sensibiliser et à responsabiliser tous les usagers de la route.

Grâce à l’initiative de l’Association nationale des Victimes de la Route, ce lieu a vu le jour entre 2007 et 2012 en collaboration fructueuse avec la Commune de Junglinster, l’Administration des Ponts et Chaussées, l’Administration de la Nature et des Forêts Triage de Junglinster et de l’association Natur&Ëmwelt.

Le Monument du Recueillement


Le Monument de Recueillement devrait trouver sa place à l’entrée du Site au cours de l’année 2016.

L’artiste Nico Thurm a prévu un Monument qui renvoi à un passage à travers un tunnel étroit. Au bout du tunnel, une fois sortie de l’ombre, l’homme retrouve la lumière et une vue imprenable et presque infinie.

Soutenez ce projet par un don sur le compte AVR asbl Monument  –  IBAN LU46 1111 2997 4414 000  –  BIC/SWIFT: CCPLLULL  –   Dons : 150€ ou plus : l’AVR vous offre une miniature du Monument de Recueillement, de 51€ à 149€, d’un certificat, de 20€ à 50€ une lettre de remerciement. Vos dons sont déductibles pour les impôts.


Reproduction of church statues

Churches are places to stay open as often as possible. In many cases this may conflict with the valuables housed in a church.

Such is the case with a church in Luxembourg which houses 3 ancient wooden statues.

As a solution it was decided to produce copies of the statues, exhibit the copies and store the precious originals in a safe place.

Due to the age and configuration of the statues, forming a silicon mould on the originals was considered to be too dangerous for these.

Therefore the Musée national d’histoire et d’art (MNHA) asked 3DPrint.lu for an alternative solution involving 3D-Scanning.

First of all some smaller detachable components wore scanned in order to produce samples. The samples were printed in different materials in order to analyses precision and paintability.


The samples satisfying all requirements, 3DPrint.lu could move on with the statues. Each 3D file of such a statue is combination of 20 to 30 laserscans and is composed of millions of triangles.


The two smaller statues were printed in Nylon.


As in Nylon the height of printing was limited to 65 cm, the third and highest statue was printed in stereolitographic resin.



The project ran to the highest satisfaction of the MNHA. The statues are now being coloured by hand and we hope to present you soon the images of the completed copies.

Une maison en argent



54 x 39 x 27 mm fait ce bijou de maison et il est réalisé en argent massif.

C’est l’architecte Pit Thillens de Diekirch qui nous a demandé cette réalisation dans le but d’en faire cadeau et il nous a assuré que ce cadeau a eu un succès extraordinaire.

Monsieur Thillens nous avait fourni les plans 3d (.3ds dans le cas présent) du projet et nous avons transformé ces plans pour en faire un fichier d’impression 3D qui a servi de base à la réalisation du modèle qui est ainsi une copie fidèle à l’échelle 1/500.

La réalisation d’un tel modèle peut se faire sur base de différents formats 3D, sur base de plans 2D, voire même sur base de dessins et croquis à la main.