Reproduction of church statues

Churches are places to stay open as often as possible. In many cases this may conflict with the valuables housed in a church.

Such is the case with a church in Luxembourg which houses 3 ancient wooden statues.

As a solution it was decided to produce copies of the statues, exhibit the copies and store the precious originals in a safe place.

Due to the age and configuration of the statues, forming a silicon mould on the originals was considered to be too dangerous for these.

Therefore the Musée national d’histoire et d’art (MNHA) asked for an alternative solution involving 3D-Scanning.

First of all some smaller detachable components wore scanned in order to produce samples. The samples were printed in different materials in order to analyses precision and paintability.


The samples satisfying all requirements, could move on with the statues. Each 3D file of such a statue is combination of 20 to 30 laserscans and is composed of millions of triangles.


The two smaller statues were printed in Nylon.


As in Nylon the height of printing was limited to 65 cm, the third and highest statue was printed in stereolitographic resin.


The project ran to the highest satisfaction of the MNHA. The statues are now being coloured by hand and we hope to present you soon the images of the completed copies.