Color 3D Scans

What we did?


  • 3D Scan & Modeling

3D Printing:

  • Nylon (MJF PA12)
  • Resin (SLA Grey)


  • Black finish

The “Charte de Sigismond” was 3D scanned, not only to copy the geometry but also the colored texture, in order to have an 1:1 digital copy of the original.

Charte de Sigismond, roi des Romains, roi de Bohême, duc de Luxembourg (1431) Archives de la Ville de Luxembourg

The client decided to have the parts printed monochrome (without color), so the texture would be more visible, even more then on the original.

The digital copy can then be 3D printed in different materials and scaled to different sizes.

On the left, a 1:1 copy in detailed grey resin, still showing every small detail.

On the right, the 2:1 print in nylon with a black finish (MJF PA12), this print could be used to give the visitor the chance to touch and feel a copy without any fear to break the part.