Workshop / educational training / courses

The practical guide for 3D printing, from interactive workshops for children and students to educational training for teachers to in-depth courses for professional users in the industry.

  • Workshop for beginners (children and students)
    • 3D printing in class (from Cycle 3.1 or high school)
  • Educational training and preparation of teachers to give courses independently
    • 3D software
    • 3D printing + maintenance of a 3D printer
  • Courses:
    • 3D printing technologies and applications – an overview
    • Design Thinking – product design
    • 3D CAD – design in 3D
    • 3D Scanning – From reality to digital
  • Workshop for Industry
    • Identification of suitable parts for 3D printing
    • From the CAD design to the 3D printed part

The duration of these events will be adjusted individually.