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Combining 3D Printing technologies to reduce price and increase accuracy - Katcon

3D scan of 2 rooms - The Société Électrique de l'Our (SEO)

3D Printed Replicas of Kirchberg's Stainless Steel Bridge

3D scanning for reconstruction and remanufacturing of automotive parts

Floating Trophy - FNR Awards 2023

Satellite mockup

Hyosung Success Story – Improving Production Workflow

Clear Resin, Clear Success: The Turbine Project

Improving Quality Control in Foundries with ISO 17025-Certified 3D Scanner

Precision and Quality Assurance - Société Électrique de l'Our (SEO)

The Use of Flame - Resistant Plastics in Safety - Critical Industries

100 years Gëlle Fra - Print your own

Scaled model with a custom display case


Robot development for Q-leap

3D Scanning - Which files can be exported?

3D scanning of GRAM products for space & more industries


Bédéric: From a comic to concrete monument

3D scanning and reverse-engineering of used batteries

The Hands of Innovation 2022

Rapid Prototyping with 3D Printing

Adding threads to 3D printed parts

Enclosures and covers

Vapor polishing of Nylon and TPU

FDM vs MJF “Filament vs Powder Bed”

Clear transparent resin parts

3D printed watertight container

Gilding of 3D printed parts with 24 carat leaf gold

From 3D printing to injection molding

3D scan to adaptable STEP file

Transparent Resin Cover

Game of Code 2021 Trophy

Custom designed GPS cover

Small series production

LIST Award

FNR Award 2020 trophy

120 mm Sculpture of the “Gëlle Fra“

Color 3D Scans

Positive mold for concrete cast

Switching from CNC milling to 3D printing

Merging parts and reducing costs

Coat racks

Péckvillchen whistle bird "Signi"

3D printed pen

3D modelled sculpture of the “Gëlle Fra“

Plesiosaur flipper fossil

Automotive 3D Scan

Automotive air inlet 3D Scan

Full color MJF nylon figurines

White painted replacement part

UV resistant swimming pool replacement part

Aluminium gear

Replacement seat cover

Gear for mobile chair

Automotive air intake cover reproduction

Sensor holder series production

Custom air intake manifold

Post “Time Capsule”

Chrome X-models

Chrome car emblem

Stainless Steel Jet Nozzle

Péckvillchen 2020

Face Mask Strap

Scaled model of a wastewater treatment system

Face shields for the Luxembourgish Ministry of Health and Army

CFL cabinet lock replacement part

Product development and functional prototype of a high chair for children

Rescaled 3D Model of a cell for research

1st place in the category Product Design for the N9 tobacco pipe!


High detail metal figures

Inspiring Luxembourg – Collector’s Edition

Media Award 2018 Trophy

Tourism Innovation Award Trophy

QT Social Robot

Custom designed part

Big Nylon SLS models