Clear Resin, Clear Success: The Turbine Project

What we did?


Adaptation of the 3D model for printing

3D Printing:

Transparent resin SLA

We are excited to share our recent 3D printing success story where we produced a turbine part using a highly demanding printing process. Transparent 3D printed resins are famous for their appearances and are often used for parts of smaller dimensions, applications such as medical devices and optical prototypes.

When it comes to printing big, complicated parts like this turbine piece, it brings up some special challenges.

The journey of creating a large turbine part out of transparent resin was quite a challenge. We encountered obstacles such as preventing part warping and managing the complexity of removing support structures. To address these challenges, we strategically positioned the turbine within the print process, reducing the need for excessive support structures while maintaining high print quality. Additionally, printing at slower speeds plays a key role in ensuring strong layer bonds and minimizing the risk of printing errors.

For this project, our client made a specific request for transparent resin to guarantee full visibility of all internal components. This requirement is essential as it enables the part to be utilized for training purposes.

This project not only illustrates our commitment to embracing new challenges and exploring innovative solutions, but also highlights the outstanding potential of transparent resins in 3D printing. We look forward to exploring further opportunities. Stay tuned for more updates!