3D Scanning

Digitalize or inspect your parts

3D Scanning is the most precise and cost-effective way to digitalize your objects. Our service can be performed at any location with our certified 3D scanner.

  • 3D scan of any object:
    • Mechanical parts
    • Replacement parts
    • Sculptures
    • Etc…
  • Applications:
    • Reverse Engineering (3D scan to CAD)
    • Quality control and quality assurance (ISO 17025 certified)
    • 3D deviation comparison (3D Scan and CAD file)
    • Reproductions (1:1, mirrored, scaled, repaired)
    • 3D File visualization
  • Creaform HandySCAN BLACK Elite Technical Specifications:
    • Accuracy: 0,025 mm
    • Volumetric accuracy: 0,020 mm + 0,040 mm/m
    • Mesh resolution: 0,100 mm


3D Scan of mechanical parts

3D Scan of large parts (on site)

Quality control (ISO 17025 certified) / Reverse Engineering (3D scan to CAD)

3D Deviation comparison (3D Scan and CAD file)

Mesh Resolution: 0,100 mm / Accuracy: 0,025 mm