Combining 3D Printing technologies to reduce price and increase accuracy – Katcon

What we did:

3D Printing:

MJF / Nylon (PA12)


Excited to share a recent project collaboration with Katcon, a global leader in Exhaust Systems, Thermal Insulation, and Advanced Materials components.

The challenge: crafting a jig that would streamline the verification of finished insulation while optimizing material usage and minimizing deformation risks. Working closely with Katcon engineers, we proposed a solution: combining different 3D Printing technologies to reduce costs and enhance accuracy.

Technologies like FDM which has lower costs and lower quality of surface finish but stable and accurate enough for the big base, and MJF technologies using PA12 for better surface finish for other part.
As the 2 parts were quite big (780x360x280mm) and massive, we as well suggested to the client to separate the base and the tube into 2 pieces each, and fill up the base with FDM parts, where the surface finish wasn’t important.

This jig, consisting of a base bolted to a table, and a tube with handles, would enable them to quickly verify finished insulation by putting it in the base, and pressing the tube against it and checking the fitment.

Through strategic hollowing and reinforcement techniques, we not only drove down costs but also ensured the rigidity and longevity of the parts. The assembly process was improved using bolts and heated inserts.

We will definitely continue our journey with Katcon and deliver even more impactful solutions. Stay tuned!