FDM serial production gadget at Paris Olympic Games

What we did?


  • Product Development
  • CAD Design & Engineering

3D Printing:


3D Printed Péckvillchen embraces the Olympic fervour to support Luxembourg athletes at the Paris Olympic Games.
In collaboration with the LuXembourg Collection we designed this Péckvillchen blending the iconic traditional whistle bird with the X Element of the Luxembourgish Signature.
Manufactured in Luxembourg with FDM technology in PLA made from renewable raw materials, this Péckvillchen demonstrates Luxembourg’s agility and capacity for innovation.

The latest advancements in FDM technology have enabled cost reduction compared to SLS technology, facilitating mass production with a high surface finish. Our production capabilities include on-demand manufacturing, with the capacity to produce several thousand units per month.

Get your “Péckvillchen” at the LUXEMBOURG HOUSE in the city-center, and whistle with all your might to support our athletes!