3D Printed Replicas of Kirchberg’s Stainless Steel Bridge

What we did?

3D Printing:

MJF / Nylon (PA12)

Post processing:

Glossy metal finish

Thrilled to announce a remarkable addition to our portfolio: crafted replicas of the recently inaugurated stainless steel bridge connecting the lower part of Avenue John F Kennedy with the Three Oaks. As a leading 3D printing company, we take pride in supplying these extraordinary models to Luxembourgish politicians.

You know us, we love challenges, and this project was one of its kind because the original bridge is unique due to its material and design. The entire construction is made of stainless steel that does not rust, the outer sides of the walkway are so polished that you can see your reflection in it. This creates the effect of the bridge reflecting the surrounding nature, integrating into the landscape with discretion.

We successfully recreated every detail of this bridge using MJF 3D printing technology and Nylon PA12 material. After applying a glossy finish, it now mirrors the polished stainless steel of the authentic structure.
The glossy exterior not only captures the essence of the stainless-steel construction but also adds a touch of elegance, reflecting the surrounding nature and harmoniously blending into the picturesque landscape, or in memories taken home where our replicas would be placed.

Just as in the original bridge construction, where only one large tree was removed, our commitment to environmental consciousness remained at the forefront. With precise measurements and controlled material usage, 3D printing optimizes resources, resulting in minimal scraps and leftover materials.

In essence, our 3D-printed replica summarizes the spirit of the original stainless-steel bridge, symbolizing progress, sustainability, and the harmonious integration of modern design into the natural surroundings. We are honored to have contributed to this project and look forward to sharing more in the future.

All the photos are made by Chris Meisch. You can find more following this link to the official RTL Lëtzebuerg website: https://www.rtl.lu/mobiliteit/news/a/2114749.html