3D scan of 2 rooms – The Société Électrique de l’Our (SEO)

What we did?

  • 3D scan

The Société Électrique de l’Our (SEO) is renowned for its commitment to using cutting-edge technology and continuously improving maintenance operations at the Vianden power plant by employing our advanced 3D scanner. See the previous project: https://3dprint.lu/project/precision-and-quality-assurance-societe-electrique-de-lour-seo/

The SEO pumped storage power plant in Vianden has been one of the main attractions in the north-east of Luxembourg for decades. The natural conditions of the Ourtal have made it possible to build a pumped storage power plant that can store excess energy and produce missing energy.

The PSW, with a total output of 1,300 MW, is one of the largest in Europe.

And now, let’s get back to our newest project: streamlining the valve replacement process.

Facing the challenge of changing valves in two crucial locations, SEO needed a solution that could navigate the intricate machinery and equipment surrounding these installations. Traditional methods fell short, hindered by the complexity of the environment.



The goal was to 3D scan the room and equipment around the valve, to check if the new valve would fit in place and how much equipment around would need to be disassembled while minimizing downtime and disruptions.

We made multiple scans that were aligned afterwards.

Spanning dimensions of 6×8 meters for the initial scan and 6×4 meters for the next one, the scope of the project was big, yet we delivered precise data essential for informed decision-making. And we did it Fast!

  • The accuracy we have achieved for an 8 m big scan is 0.5mm.

And what is also important to address is that this was a maintenance and repair task, but the applications can extend to the installation of new machinery in factory settings.