Floating Trophy – FNR Awards 2023

What we did?


  • Concept Development
  • Product Design
  • CAD Design & Engineering

3D Printing:

  • Stainless Steel (SLM 1.4404)


  • Coated with copper

Just last month, the 2023 FNR Awards Ceremony took place, and we were excited to showcase something very special. The FNR has recently undergone some changes in its visual appearance, and as a part of that, we introduced a completely new look and style for the FNR Award, which includes a high-end 3D-printed floating trophy. This amazing trophy symbolizes the journey and big dreams of the FNR and represents the rich history and creative spirit of science Luxembourg.

Our new FNR Awards trophy was inspired by the unique FNR logo, taking the form of a cube. Each face of the cube was carefully inscribed with the letters “F,” “N,” and “R” to represent depth, layers of knowledge, and various aspects of research. The top of the cube proudly displayed the complete logo, demonstrating the unity and comprehensive approach of the FNR in supporting research.

The trophy was coated with copper to commemorate Luxembourg’s rich steel history. The combination of a shiny surface with advanced 3D printing illustrates the journey of Luxembourg, connecting the past and the future.

Another feature of the trophy is a small alloy engraved plate on one side that states the specific category of the award. This highlights the diversity of research fields and the personalized recognition that the FNR provides for each unique contribution to science and innovation.

High-end 3D-printed trophies offer a unique and innovative way to celebrate special events and acknowledge achievements. Their exceptional design and craftsmanship not only elevate the status of the award but also make recipients feel truly valued. These trophies can be customized to reflect the essence of the event or organization, adding a personal touch that enhances the emotional significance of the award. Whether it’s recognizing years of service or celebrating outstanding accomplishments, high-end 3D-printed trophies provide a tangible representation of excellence, leaving a lasting impression and motivating recipients to continue their remarkable contributions.

If you missed the big reveal at the ceremony, we invite you to watch the official video: