Precision and Quality Assurance – Société Électrique de l’Our (SEO)

What we did?

  • 3D scan
  • quality report


When Société Electrique de l’Our was looking for a company with experience in 3D scanning, they realized that expertise alone was not enough; They also needed top-notch equipment. Luckily, we were the right choice for both requirements.

Our scanner from Creaform, HandySCAN Black|Elite, ISO 17025 certified and specifically designed for such tasks, had to overcome a major challenge: a large 1.8 meter turbine with an ultra-smooth mirror-like surface.

This excellent scanner has achieved high accuracy of 0,090 mm on this 1,8 m part.

The technical specifications of the HandySCAN 3D|BLACK series make it the benchmark for premium handheld 3D measurement technology. With great accuracy, simplicity, portability and measurement speed, they collect high-quality measurement data regardless of environmental changes or part movements.

Thanks to this technical specifications, it is an ideal tool for ensuring quality in production and applications:

0.025 mm
Volumetric accuracy
0.020 + 0.040 mm/m

And what is also really important, this scanner fits into a small suitcase, it can be taken anywhere and used in all environmental conditions without affecting its performance.

But back to our story with SEO – after the scanning was done, our team of experienced engineers conducted a thorough quality check. The result was an official quality report that gives our clients, including SEO, the confidence that their parts meet their requirements.

The possibilities for 3D scanning are immense, from quality control and reverse engineering to design optimization and rapid prototyping.

For items that can be easily transported, we offer scanning services at our located office in Luxembourg City. In addition, our portable 3D scanner allow us to provide on-site scanning, even in locations where there are no electrical outlets nearby. We can carry portable batteries to ensure scanning can take place wherever you need it.