3D scan to adaptable STEP file

What we did?


  • 3D Scan
  • CAD Design & Reverse Engineering

3D Printing:

  • Nylon (MJF PA12)


  • Black finish

We use 3D scans for reverse engineering of parts, any changes on the initial geometry can be done to improve performance of parts, decrease the costs or simply adapt it for 3D printing.

The exported result of a 3D scan is always a file with a mesh, consisting of small triangles. This file can be scaled, mirrored, or adapted with smaller changes, like drilling additional holes. The export file of our 3D scan is either in STL or OBJ format.

If bigger adaptations are needed, the part is reproduced in parametric CAD using the mesh file of the 3D scan. In this example below the overall thickness has been increased for better stiffness and strength while being perfectly functional.

Blue: the parametric part. Black: the mesh of the 3D scan.