Product development and functional prototype of a high chair for children

On Nov 2017 a client came to us with a quite short list of requirements of a high chair for children. The concept should be transportable, lightweight, compact when dissembled and suitable for babies and toddlers.
There are two kinds of travel high chairs on the market: those who need to be fixed on a chair or table and those who can stand by themselves. The first ones have a more or less decent size but do not fit all chairs and tables. The second ones fit every situation but are mostly clumsy and heavy. Both of them can only be used by children who are able to sit by themselves. Our focus was to create a high chair which would allow families to be flexible in every situation such as visiting restaurants or other family members who are not equipped with a sitting solution for small children or babies.

The concept is the first one to stand by itself and have a decent size once it is dissembled. It even comes with a foldable Baby-Inlay, so that it can be used for newborns and toddlers by setting them into a healthy laying position.
The telescopic legs can be pulled out to their maximum length to achieve the height of a common table, although it can be fixed in every other preferable height. Quick clamps allow a fast installation of the high chair. The foldable Baby-Inlay can be put into the sitting area or, when not used, folded together and fixed under the seat.

According to feedbacks from our first users the travel high chair is a good allrounder when it comes to having a sitting solution for children. It’s ability to be a stand alone high chair does give you the opportunity to install/unfold it in situations you may need it. You can even use it when the chair is in it’s lowest position.
The sitting area dimensions are a bit bigger than in common high chairs, it gives small children more freedom to play around while sitting, also it is crucial for the needed space of the inlay for newborns.

1st place in the category Product Design for the N9 tobacco pipe!

Mostly 3D printed materials! The individual layers of additive manufacturing can be seen on the metal parts. Head and spar are made of sintered PA12 Nylon which was then colored in black. All internal cylinders were made of brass. The metal band was formed from 420SBR, a mixture of stainless steel and bronze, then black coated.

Small projects 2018

Customized 3D printed parts can be adapted to have a unique design or can be reengineered to meet your requirements.

Une pièce de rechange d’origine n’était plus disponible, mais avec la pièce reconstruite imprimée en 3D, l’auvent pouvait être réparée.

3D gedréckte Stécker kënnen no de Virstellunge vum Client oder de mechanesche Viraussetzungen adaptéiert ginn.

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Inspiring Luxembourg – Collector’s Edition

The bird from the animated short “Luxembourg Let’s make it happen – by Oscar-winning director Laurent Witz-” symbolizes how an idea takes flight and conquers the world through collaboration, creativity and perseverance. Openness, dynamism and reliability: Luxembourg’s core values are the driving forces behind new ideas and partnerships, making the Grand Duchy the ideal location to bring your ideas to life.

This project has been realized in collaboration with the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

Due to the local manufacturing of every single piece, we could add the „Made in Luxembourg“ label to the packaging. The bird sculpture was printed in nylon
(MJF PA12) and post processed with a carbon finish.

Available @ LuxembourgHouseConceptStore

Media Award 2018 Trophy 


In order to match the previous trophies of the Media Awards we didn’t change the overall shape, but its’ uniqueness came from the fact that the creation was only possible using Additive Manufacturing.

After several prototypes the decision was taken to implement a lattice structure, which is usually placed into industrial parts for reducing weight and material cost.

The trophy was printed in Nylon PA12 with the latest HP MJF 3D Printer, afterwards the parts were black dyed. The acrylic glass inlet was printed from the backside and fitted seamlessly in the front of the trophy. Milled anodized aluminum plates in gold, silver, bronze and red were mounted to represent the ranking.

The challenge of implementing additive manufacturing and different materials in one object resulted in a unique trophy for the winners of the Media Awards 2018.


Stronger than the original: aluminium


That shiny piece is chromalised plastic and it was to feeble for its function in a shower. On top of that spare parts are impossible to get.

So for our client we made a spare part and it is a lot tougher than the original part because it has been created in 3D-printed aluminium. The file necessary for printing was created with 3D-Scanning technology and CAD-design.

Un grand projet – Une grande maquette

Le projet Olm – Elmen de la Société Nationale des Habitations à Bon Marché sera composé de 400 maisons unifamiliales et de 400 appartements et donnera la priorité absolue à la mobilité douce et au transport en commun.


Pour représenter le projet et son contexte en échelle 1/750, une maquette de 175 x 70 cm a été réalisé par La maquette est composée de 39 plaques imprimées en 3D. Cette technologie a permis de représenter le contexte par son image aérienne et de les futures extension “ouest” et “est” du nouveau projet par leur plan, tout en respectant le relief légèrement ondulé du terrain.

La maquette est actuellement à la LuxExpo dans le cadre de la Semaine nationale du Logement


Les plans 3D ont été réalisés par le bureau DEWEY MULLER architectes urbanistes (Luxembourg et Cologne) et ont été adaptés par aux besoins de l’impression 3D. A la suite notre imprimante 3D a travaillée pendant environ une semaine pour produire les 39 plaques nécessaires à l’assemblage.


Assemblage de 21 pièces …

… et tout colle.

Cet objet industriel est une conception de la société Paul Wurth. Il s’agit d’une pièce de démonstration qui comporte plusieurs parties mobiles. Nous avons adapté les plans de Paul Wurth à l’impression 3D, assurant ainsi que la partie est bien mobile là où c’est nécessaire et qu’elle s’assemble bien. Nous y avons même intégré des filetages qui peuvent recoivent soit des boulons standard en acier, soit des boulons imprimés 3D.

La pièce a été imprimée en nylon et certaines parties ont été infiltrées par des couleurs.

Avec son poids léger elle sera facile à emmener en voyage et en réunion, où elle servira à convaincre le client final.

P.S. On aurait bien aimé vous montrer la vie intérieure de la pièce, sa partie la plus intéressante, mais cela dévoilerait trop la conception ingénieuse de Paul Wurth.